Why are the best spots always Hidden?


We kicked off Women’s Day with a little road trip to Gordon’s Bay.  It is not often that you get a wind-free, sunny day in Gordon’s Bay, so when 1 of these rare days do come up it’s best to take full advantage of it.

While working up an appetite we took the Bella and Stormy (proudly wearing their Woman’s Day Flowers) for a walk along the doggy section of the beach in Gordon’s Bay (Section towards Harbour Island), before starting to look for the best breakfast spot.

Tucked away up an alley with sea views was the perfect breakfast spot, Potters Pantry.  We walked in to find out if the restaurant was pet-friendly, but before we even had a chance to ask a friendly waitress offered us a table and bought our dogs a bowl of water, a plate of homemade dog biscuits, and our menus.

One advantage of the alley was protection against the notorious Gordons Bay wind (which we were lucky enough not to experience today). There were options of tables in the shade or sun with lots of space around each table allowing the dogs to relax without getting in the way of other guests. After browsing over the menu, we decided to treat ourselves to a full breakfast, which was delicious and ticked all the boxes; the only problem now was to change our lunch plans because the breakfast was so filling there was no chance, we would be hungry anytime soon.

After we had finished eating the manager came to our table and we ended up swopping doggie stories for about 10 minutes, it is great to know that a pet-friendly restaurant is run by a true dog-lover.  Apparently, Potters Pantry is not exclusive to only dog lovers, they have had Cats, Birds, Rabbits, and even horse riders stopping for a bite to eat.  We relaxed for a while enjoying the views before departing to take a stroll along the promenade with our dogs to help settle the amazing breakfast before heading home.

We have heard rumors about the amazing lunches and Meal of the Day, so if our breakfast was so mouth-watering we will just have to be back to try the rest of the menu.

To all the runners and cyclists we highly recommend stopping at Potters Pantry for a well-deserved breakfast or lunch if you do there is a good chance you will spot us there with our fur babies.

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