Who let the Dogs Out


Got a young dog or a dog that hates staying at home while you are out working? Need to travel for business and can’t take your 4 legged friends with?
We found the perfect solution right on our doorstep.

On the 1st of June 2020 Dogs day Out opened their doors. Stormy Weather was one of the first customers with a 5-day pass, to give feedback on the facilities.

When we arrived at Dogs day Out, we receive a warm friendly greeting by the staff. Stormy then entered through the doors into the play area (big dogs, small dogs, and fragile dogs kept separately).

We were fortunate enough to get some behind the scenes photos. Once through the doggie door (and not down the rabbit hole), you arrive at the inside area. On the left, you have multiple inside play areas great for those winter months. They also have a dog parlor on the right (Stormy loves the groomer even more than my husband). Next to the parlor along the wall are uniquely decorated doggy rooms for the overnight guests, each with their own theme. Each room has a stylish comfortable bed, or you can bring your own. During the day the overnight guests will go into the play areas for some exercise.

Once past the doggy rooms, you move to the outside play area. Between the sand, tire tunnel, grass toilet patches, and splash pool, it is like a piece of heaven for the dogs.

We got regular video updates of Stormy playing with her friends, she absolutely loved her stay there and this is definitely a place we will leave our dogs if we traveled without them, not to mention the convenience of an on-site doggie shop for any last-minute items you may have forgotten.

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