Ticking all the right boxes


For those of you that know Rawsonville/Worcester know that going camping in January you can expect temperatures of 40 degrees in the Shade. But the promise of having 2 dams to swim in was enough for us to pack the car and go.

When we reached Wolvenberg we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. The campsite was surrounded by trees, 95% grass, electrical points all over, extremely clean and neat bathrooms, but that is not all, what really Wow’d us was the undercover kitchen area with a built-in braai, fridge/freezer and washup area.  Just outside is a big braai pit and a heated natural jacuzzi.

So about the heat, behind the campsite, about 200 m are two huge dams with trees for some shade should you wish to pack a lunch

About 1 km from Wolvenberg Campsite is Stillewater Campsite with a shop selling the essentials, wood, ice, mosquito spray, toilet paper etc.  This was our first stop before going to our campsite.  Wolvenberg campsite is rented out as 1, so get a couple of friends together and make the booking (minimum of 10 people), this gives you exclusive use to the facilities.  With the number of trees you are spoilt for choice of where too pitch your tent, there is even a little ensuite cottage for the couple who does not like to sleep in a tent.

As soon as we let the dogs out of the car they started exploring, Stormy did not sit still for a second. It was so quiet not even the mosquitos wanted to disturb the peace and quiet.  The next morning Sormy woke us up as the sun started to rise as she thought she would miss out on daylight to explore.  She eventually passed out at lunchtime.

After breakfast, we walked over to the dams; I’m not a water baby, but you had to see me race the dogs to the water, could not wait to get in.  We had such a fun time at the dam.  Eventually, after swimming for about 2 hours we went back to the campsite to relax under the trees, by that time the sun had moved over the campsite and it was mostly shaded again.  Late afternoon we headed back to the dam for another swim.

Sunday morning when we woke up it was quite windy, luckily for us, the kitchen area is undercover, allowing us to hide from the wind while having our coffee.  Even though our dogs have a lot of freedom when camping they still insist on being walked, so we took a stroll through the vineyards after breakfast exploring a small piece of the farm.

Don’t forget to pack the mountain bike as the farm has so much to offer, endless exploring without having to leave the farm.  Walking and Hiking to your heart’s content (there is even a waterfall, unfortunately, we did not visit it this time).

Important things to remember when booking at Wolvenberg:

  1. Don’t bother with packing wood, wood is reasonably priced and very good quality
  2. The shop works with an honesty box, so be sure to bring cash with
  3. There is a huge fridge/freezer to keep your drinks cold (and if there is space left you can fit your food in aswell)
  4. If it is too windy to use the outside braai there is an inside braai aswell
  5. There are 3 campsites to choose from, Stillewaters, Wolvenberg and Wolvenkloof.  Wolvenberg is our favourite.
  6. Being in the mountains there are baboons (we heard them but did not see them), so don’t leave food lying around.

We are planning on going back in May 2021, details on this trip will be posted on our social media.

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