Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan, Morgan to his friends is a very interesting story. 

Morgan is the reason I started to get involved in welfare organisations and foster puppies until they find their forever home. So the story goes as follows: I heard about 3 puppies that desperately needed a foster, 2 black and 1 black and white puppy, I went with the black and white puppy as he looked to be the cutest.  In the first photo, I saw of Morgan it looked as if he only had 1 eye, hence the name.  So I went to pick up Morgan and instead of a puppy, I got a naked rat.  Morgan had very bad Mange, with hardly any hair left on his body, this sickly pup had to have 2 weekly trips to the vet for the first 2 months of his life for treatment.  We could not let him be adopted while being so sick and eventually, he stayed.  Morgan is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met, and he also started with Agility this year.