Picture Perfect


Imagine sitting on the stoep, glass of wine in  hand while enjoying the most beautiful sunset on one side and table mountain on the other . With an enclosed garden, the dogs were extremely happy playing and enjoying the view. Little Stormy (better known as MacGyver for the weekend), made sure that there is no way to escape from the yard.

Rondekuil Accommodation is the perfect distance for anyone that needs a quick getaway. We stayed in Country Lodge 1, the most beautiful spacious 1 bedroom cottage. We had a braai on Friday night before retiring in front of the fireplace and just relaxed after a long week.

The next morning after a late breakfast we decided to go for a walk at Magic Forest. Unfortunately, when we arrived we noticed that it was still closed due to lockdown, but fortunately for us, there was a car parked next to us with a boxer and they told us about the Amandal Dam across the road and advised us to take money for coffee.

What a spectacular walk. The dogs absolutely loved it and so did we. The coffee was great, the perfect blend for coffee snobs like me. We finished our walk just in time as the cold front was busy moving in fast.

Back at Rondekuil, we had a very relaxing afternoon, the inside fireplace created a romantic atmosphere, perfect for reading a good book.

We stayed till the last minute on Sunday (checkout at 10), not wanting to leave the little cottage. Management went out of their way to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. If you book at Rondekuil which comes highly recommended, pack enough food, as you don’t want to sit in a restaurant with the view that Rondekuil offers you.

At Rondekuil you don’t even know about the other units, even though you can see them. It is peaceful, quiet and with a perfect view like that, you forget where you are.

We will be doing a separate article on hikes close by as soon as all the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

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