Leg 1 – Signal Hill, Lions Head to the start of Platteklip


After much training, the day finally arrived.

The group we are running with decided to have a very early start (6:30 at signal hill).  It was still dark when we arrived at platteklip to drop some of the vehicles off.

So after a group photo at the Signal Hill beacon we headed off to Lions Head.  I was dreading Lions Head due to its popularity and amount of people that will be on the route.  Surprisingly it was not nearly as bad as I thought.

We decided to take the long way up to avoid most of the ladders, Bella flew up Lions Head as if it was an anthill with her non-restricting harness from Trailhoundsa, and where she could not climb the ladder I just carried her under my arm.

Once at the top of Lions Head we took another group photo, unfortunately, due to the bottleneck I lost most of the group on my way down, this is where the group ended up splitting between the racing snakes and the photographers.

After Lions Head we left the crowds of people behind and headed up to the start of platteklip via Kloof Corner.  This was a much easier run and the views were phenomenal.

Once we reached platteklip it was just down to the car, Bella and I had a great power nap when we got home, luckily no injuries or sprained ankles during this leg of the journey.

On Tuesday Bella will go for her first Physio session to make sure that she is ready for the next leg.

Due to long weekends and our group having other commitments, we have a nice 2-week break before we take the next leg of our journey.

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