GoPure Water4Pets on the Go


Be it on the road, the mountain, the park or the beach GoPure water4pets on the go is the perfect solution.

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is why pay for box water when you can just use tap water? (or at least that was our question).  While testing and researching the product we found the following useful tips.

  1. Plastic is toxic and damaging to the environment, GoPure provides their water in Boxed Containers ideal size for the car and walks
  2. With so many places not having drinkable tap water, GoPure offers the ideal solution for non-toxic water for both humans and pets

The main reason why we go for GoPure is because of the containers, each box of mineral water also comes with a drinking bowl perfect for when you go on a road trip and all the dog’s bowls are packed away.

That is not all that GoPure Water4pets on the go offers.

They also have two different drops that you can add to your water.  The first is Relax Calming drops for those dogs that get car sick or are nervous to travel to new places. The second that my dogs just loved (must have had a great taste to it) is Vitamin & Mineral Infusion Drops. These drops are perfect, natural, and conveniently packaged to take with you wherever you go.

With the hot summer months, we used the GoPure water on our beach and park trips.  Very easy to carry (not an uncomfortable shape and super-light) we were able to do a couple of water breaks while playing and walking to dogs.  This is definitely something that can also very easily be added to my running pack.



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