From Cherries & Fruit Orchards to Rock Pools


I often hear about people telling about their visit to the Cederberg, Walking, Cycling, and being active. These things immediately triggered the adventure urges and we started looking at possible weekends. 

As usual, we left Friday afternoon, we had our list of last-minute things to buy in Ceres before going through to our Accommodation at Klondyke Cherry Farm. We made the mistake of driving through Ceres and thinking we will come back after check-in. Do not make that mistake! Klondyke Cherry Farm is 38km outside of town, and once you check-in, there is so relaxing you wouldn’t want to leave to go to town again. 

After we arrived at Klondyke Cherry Farm and was shown to our very lovely Cherry Cottage. The dogs immediately went to explore the farm, not really worried about our plans. Unfortunately, we went outside Cherry Season, the farm has so much to offer that it did not make much of a difference. After unpacking we drove back to Ceres to get those last few items, and also stopping for a quick lunch at Fowlers Grill. 

Back at Klondyke Cherry Farm we also went to explore a bit, we had a great walk through the fruit orchards and up the hill which was the only place we could get cell phone reception. 

After the walk, relaxing at Cherry Cottage we got out the bottle of red wine and started our braai. With no TV and no cell phone reception you really get the chance to connect with your partner. It did not take the dogs long to pass out as well for the night.

Early Saturday morning we were woken up by the birds singing in the trees, after breakfast we took a drive to Matroosberg Nature Reserve which is right next door for some exploring. It was going to be a hot day so we decided to only explore the rock pools. With the dogs in and out of the pools, Michael and I join them for a splash it was the perfect morning out. Next time we will definitely pack a picnic. Everyone exhausted at Cherry Cottage I tried to finally finish my book while everyone else took an afternoon nap. 

At 17:00 the dogs came to call us to say it is normal to walk time (I swear they have watches that we don’t know about), so we went to explore a different part of Klondyke Cherry Farm before heading back and having another braai. 

The one sound you would not expect to wake up to in January is the sound of rain. The most beautiful morning watching the rainfall between the trees. Michael made us some Hot Chocolate with breakfast and our plan was to just sit inside and enjoy the quiet, but the dogs had other ideas, so soon after breakfast, we go exploring again. 

Klondyke Cherry Farm has so much to offer apart from just picking Cherries. The campsite is under the trees, the farm (even though its a working farm) saves enough for parents to explore with the kids, and the best part of all it is pet friendly. 

We are sure to visit again, hopefully, to play in the snow. 

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