Eco Friendly Family Getaway


What better way to wake up than with the sound of birds singing.  It was so overpowering that we just lay in the tent with our eyes closed letting the feeling of nature and tranquility just sink in.

This is what you can expect when waking up at Rivierplaas just outside Worcester.  The campsites are well marked, neat, spacious, and with a full accurate description on the website allowing you to make the perfect choice when booking.

We drove through on Friday afternoon for a quick getaway after the December holidays. We arrived and the dogs could not wait to get out and explore.  We had an amazing spot with 80% shade and the perfect river view.  It did not take long for all 3 dogs to plunge into the river.

After our tent was set up and the car was unpacked we went for a stroll, Stormy quickly made some new friends, and shortly thereafter all three of the dogs found a shady spot to crash for a while after the burst of excitement.

The next morning when we eventually got up after listening to the birds we were treated with a sunrise over the river. It is so peaceful watching the sunrise with a good cup of coffee.  After breakfast, we went to explore the little 2.5 km route on the far side of the river.  The dogs absolutely loved the freedom and exploring to their heart’s content.  There are canoes and rafts all along the river for campers to use.  For the 2 legged children, there is also a Foefie Slide and multiple well-equipped play areas.

My ideal camp weekend is to lie under the trees and read my book, Michael and the dogs went to see if they could catch some fish leaving me in peace.

What makes Rivierplaas even more fantastic is the stars at night.  Being so far out of town I cannot remember the last time I saw the stars so bright.

It was not easy packing up our campsite this morning as neither human nor dog wanted the weekend to end.

This is a campsite that will definitely see us again in the near future.

I would just like to add a special thanks to staff and management for one of the most well-run, clean, and eco-friendly came sites we have visited. The staff seemed to operate “under the radar” never intruding yet the bathrooms seemed to always be clean and the bins were always empty; I take my hat off to you for a job well done.

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