Campsite with a twist


The only way to describe Rivierzight is that it is a campsite with a twist.

So what can you expect?

There are 6 spacious cabins to choose from, 2 x 2 bedrooms and 4 x 1 bedrooms.  These cabins are fully self-catering, and the biggest treat of them all is that they have electric blankets, perfect for Winter.

There are 9 Bush Camp tents for those that enjoy the Glamping more than the Camping, these Bush Camps are right on the river edge with amazing views and their own river-front braai areas.

And last but not least there are 30 campsites on the river all with electrical points, and close to the bathrooms.

Being in the middle of winter our team opted for the 1 bedroom cabin.  We were very spoilt with a great view of the river, open plan lounge, kitchen (inside fireplace/braai), as mentioned before an electric blanket for the cold August nights.  We had a great outside balcony area with another braai overlooking the campsite.

If you want to travel light you can leave the bottled water and wood at home. As you enter the campsite there is a little honesty shop that sells ice, water, and wood.  The campsite is just 15 min drive to Robertson if there is anything else you forgot (like the garlic bread for your braai).

The dogs quickly made friends with the other dogs on the campsite including the 2 resident boerboels that came to say hello.

As always we kicked off Friday night with a braai while the dogs enjoyed exploring the campsite.  The balcony was quite spacious so we had their beds ready for when they wanted to settle next to the fire.  After supper and a couple of games of cards, we made our way to bed.

The first morning of our weekend away the dogs wake us up extra early as they cannot wait to go explore.  This is where the inside fireplace/braai came in handy, warming the cottage up quickly while we have our coffee. Dogs absolutely loved exploring, checking in every now and then.

The campsite was not fully booked during our stay, so on Saturday after breakfast, we took our picnic blanket, fishing rod, book and coffee and found a quiet little campsite to relax for the day.  The dogs absolutely loved the freedom and were in and out of the water to their heart’s content. After lunch we explored the campsite a bit more, going for a nice long walk through the orchard admiring the beauty of the farm.  There is also a very nice hike up and along the mountain, but unfortunately, Cobalt being only 5 months was too young for us to try this hike.  Definitely high on our bucket list for next time.

This is the type of campsite that we will definitely return to, just cannot decide if we want to stay in a Bush Camp or in our own tent.

Hot water is not a problem for the cabins or campsites as everything runs off gas geysers.  Campsites are spacious and ideal for groups of friends.

In a nutshell, this campsite has everything for a large family reunion with youngsters camping and mom and dad glamping while the grand folks can relax in one of the cabins. Everyone will be close enough to meet up for the daily braai while having enough space to escape when they need to relax.

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