A trip to the country side


We at K-9 Adventures like to use the road less traveled when traveling to our destination.  According to Google Maps, there are 2 ways of getting to Pearly Beach. Through Hermanus, Standford and Gansbaai is the most popular route that everyone knows about, but you can also travel through Caledon and Napier.  We decided to go with the second option on our way to Klein Paradijs.

We stopped in Napier for a quick cake and coffee at Pascals. This is a town we still want to explore, so keep an eye on our website for when we go back. When we left Napier it was gravel road all the way to Klein Paradijs (as I mentioned, the road less traveled).

When we arrived at our Susanne Fuchs met us at Reception.  She really did go the extra mile to make us feel welcome.  We received 2 local newspapers, free-range eggs from the neighboring farm, some fresh figs picked from a tree on Klein Paradijs, emergency numbers of vets, doctors, etc, and a map of the hiking trails on the farm which she explained to us in detail.

When we got to our cottage (number 5), we noticed that there was a low wall around the cottage.  It did not take our dogs long to discover that they can clear the wall and go explore on their own.  We ended up just leaving the gate open for them.  Dogs that are less than 30 cm, or are not jumpers will be fine in the yard.  Cottage 5 and Cottage 4 were quite far apart, and very far from the other cottages. (There are other units with higher fences that are suitable for larger dogs)

Once inside they were pleasantly surprised. The cottage had everything we needed, 2 baskets of wood (perfect for your first night’s braai), a small fireplace in the bedroom, and a spacious bathroom.

The next morning we went for a “short” walk before going down to the beach for some fishing. If you don’t like spiders I would recommend going for a walk early morning as you can clearly see the cobwebs (still fresh from the dew). If you go later in the day, make sure someone else walks in front :).

The walks were family-friendly, the view was amazing from the top and if you keep your eyes open you will find some porcupine Quills, tortoises, and who knows what else (we found baby owls in the roof by Cottage 4). If you are a nature lover the bird and plant life are amazing.

After our “Short” walk (4,8km) we took a drive to Franskraal where Michael fished and I walked the dogs down to the beach.  After our fishing/beach walking trip we decided to see where some of the roads will take us.  We were pleasantly surprised to end up at Lomond Wine EstateLomond Wine Estate has some excellent mountain bike routes, will have to go back to try them out.  Two of the other tables ordered platters.  They looked amazing but unfortunately, we already had lunch plans.

Back at Klein Paradijs I finally had the opportunity to read my book while everyone else (including Michael) passed out.  The dogs did come to call us at around 5 pm for their afternoon walk, so we decided to tackle some of the routes we did not do this morning again covering around 4.5 km.

Sunday morning I decided to set my alarm to catch the sunrise, and as Murphy would have it, it was overcast, and no photos could be taken.  Klein Paradijs has so much to offer for nature lovers. Open space for the kids to play and close enough to the beach for a drive down.

If you have a dog that will jump the wall, Klein Paradijs has 2 cottages with higher fences around them. So don’t let the small wall stop you from making Klein Paradijs a destination.

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