A day out in the Winelands


Dogs in the car and ready for a Sunday Drive

We decided to just go for a drive and see where the road takes us.  We ended up in Franschhoek on a beautiful Sunday. We visited during Lockdown level 3, so could unfortunately not visit any wine farms, but don’t let that stop you from going through as the town still has so much to offer.

We ended up at Terbodore Cafe for a lovely Sunday Lunch.  The tables are far apart, and there was enough shade for the dogs and us.  The first thing you see when getting to Terbodore Cafe are the water bowls for the dogs.  The menu is extremely interesting, I ended up having the most amazing grilled buttermilk chicken on a waffle while Michael had a juicy beef burger.  The fresh croissants and chocolate twists are apparently very popular as it was all sold out by lunchtime; well almost we got the last chocolate twist and shared it “amazing”  There is also a lovely play area if you have children with you.

Important things to remember about Franschhoek.

  1. It’s normally a busy town.
  2. Pavements are narrow, so make sure your dog walks nicely on the lead.
  3. Some shops are not pet friendly, so have someone wait outside in the shade with your dog(s) while you look around

We highly recommend Terbodore Cafe as we had a lovely time, service and food were outstanding.  Terbodore Cafe will definitely see us again in the future, maybe we will do a hike before lunch 🙂




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