A Beer A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


The only thing better than an ice-cold beer is an Ice Cold Craft Beer at a pet-friendly venue.

The first time we visited Sir Thomas Brewery was after agility training, exhausted after attending 2 back to back classes (the downside of having 2 agility dogs). With so many options and their lunch menu looking divine we had to make a plan to go back as we only had 2 beers this time around. The other thing that really interested me was the fact that they had a “My Run” route through the vineyards.

So the following week we returned to Sir Thomas Brewery with only Stormy, Captain Morgan, and their best friend Zahra. We arrive too late for the “My Run” as we timed it so that we can have a beer afterwards.

Following the “My Run” signs we did 2 loops staying on Sir Thomas Brewery side of the route. We passed 1 dam which the dogs very badly wanted to investigate.

After our run we decided to go for the beer tasting to try all the Craft Beers instead of just having one. Once again we ended up not eating anything, giving us a reason to go back. They offer a very unique menu, instead of Toasted Sandwiches they do Braai Broodjies with interesting fillings and pizza.

If you are looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday then we will definitely recommend Sir Thomas Brewery, with a walk between the vineyards, and a tasting room outside next to a big lawn, it is the perfect outing for 2 and 4 legged family members. They even have a play area for the little ones.

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