Khomeesdrift Campsite just before Riviersonderend has it all for animal lovers


It’s not often that you hear a campsite is dog and horse friendly. The K-9 Adventure team did not have a horse to take with so just took 3 dogs.  Khomeesdrif Campsite just before Riviersonderend has it all for animal lovers.

We arrived late on Friday and were immediately greeted by the owner who assisted us in choosing a great camp spot.  When we set up there were no other dogs nearby (thought we were safe). While having our G & T after a long week the other camp spots around us started filling up, to our surprise they all had dogs. Within 30 min we had around 15 dogs around our campsite all playing, by that time we knew all the names as well (From Echo, Kody, Kitty, Piper, Jakkels to just name a few). The vibe that you get when entering Khomeesdrif is so relaxed that the dogs really don’t care about anyone else they all just want to play.

There are various size camp spots, so whether you are a large group or just a couple the choice is amazing, we managed to find a spot that had shade for most of the day and was close enough to the showers and wash-up area. (loo paper is provided and topped up daily but take extra with for just in case)

The next morning we got up early to see the sunrise.  The campsite was dead quiet and within 10 min all the dogs from the previous night were in our campsite playing. I could not stop watching them which resulted in my coffee getting ice cold.  The second cup of coffee I had down by the river (early before the children wake up to enjoy the peace and quiet), Bella went straight for the water, bringing us sticks so she can go and fetch them.  Jakkels joined us and he had such a great time, we ended up throwing sticks for him as well so that he would not try to steal Bella’s.

Khommesrif have a couple of floatation devices (from Kanoo’s to stand up paddle to tube’s) available, we decided to take one out with the dogs to see what it looks like down the river.  As I went down the river my breath was taken away by the beauty of the mountains in front of me.  The natural beauty that surrounds you is postcard perfect.

For lunch, we decided to visit a little coffee shop that I listed on K-9 Adventures 2 years ago.  The little garden was perfect, each table has its own shade net, set far apart in the garden with a nice play area for the children.  The milkshakes are just what we needed on such a hot summer day and the food was excellent.

Back at the campsite, we relaxed under the trees with a good book as the river was getting a bit busy with the children enjoying themselves.

There is a very nice little undercover deck with tables overlooking the river for drinks or meals.  If you are not a camper there is a very nice wooden 2 bedroom house overlooking the river and campsite that we booked on a previous visit to Khomeesdrif.

The bathrooms were extremely neat and clean, and for those people that enjoy camping with electricity, please note that there is none at Khomeesdrif.  The owner comes around Friday afternoon between 5 – 6 and Saturday between 10 – 11 with wood and ice.  This is perfect if you don’t want to bring wood all the way from home.

Stormy was passed out under the car this morning, a good sign that she had a great time and that she was ready to go home.

Khomeesdrif is very close to home (a1.5 hours drive) so will most definitely be back.

What you need to take with.

  • There are lots of BBQ pits all over the campsite but take a braai grid and tongs.
  • There are showers and toilets and an area to wash your dishes but take drinking water.
  • There are bins well placed but bring plastic bags to pick up after your dogs.
  • Swimming costumes, the water is amazing and kiddie safe. (please still supervise)
  • Fishing rods if you are a fan, we saw fish jumping all over while having our early morning coffee next to the river.
  • Sunblock, you will be living next to the river most of the day.

In a nutshell, all campsites tend to fall into a  category, and Khomeesdrift I would say best fits the description as a truly pet-friendly family campsite.

Khomeesdrif Campsite just before Riviersonderend has it all for animal lovers.

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