Helderberg Doggy Splash Flea and Go


Struggle to get the time to bath your dogs, don’t want to stress them out by going to the groomers? Why not give Helderberg Doggy Splash a call, a mobile dog groomer that will spoil your pet in the comforts of your own home.

Helderberg Doggy Splash is the first and only local mobile dog groomer in the Helderberg.

Our 3 dogs each got a turn for a bath and dip (and nail check).

First up was Captain Morgan.  Morgan is an easy, happy go lucky pooch that thought he won the Lotto with all the attention, if he was a cat he would have started to purr.

Second up was Bella, Bella just took it as it came hoping as with any bath that it will end soon, and last but not least little Stormy got a turn.  Stormy is a very nervous, sensitive soul, she gave the guys 1 look and ducked inside to hide under the bed.  I went to fetch Stormy and Heinrich from Helderberg Doggy Splash was so gentle with her she quickly realized that everything will be ok (she did give me the devil stare throughout the bath, but what more can I expect from a little spoilt child).

Heinrich was extremely gentle with all 3 dogs, especially with Storm who was nervous.  His knowledge about their skin was great and I was able to stand and watch him bathe and handle all 3 dogs.  What better way to make sure your dog does not stress than to organize someone to come to your home instead of taking them out of their comfort zone and to a parlour.

But wait there is more…….

Apart from being a mobile doggy parlour, Helderberg Doggy Splash also delivers dog food, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

K-9 Adventures will without a doubt make use of Helderberg Doggy Splash again.

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